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A registered apparel brand that defends who you are.


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ALL t-shirts are $12

unisex wear from small to 3XLarge

Growing up less fortunate, we wore second-hand clothes. As I grew into a teen, I began collecting my aunts leftover sewing material and created my own own look. Because I was not appealing and my 'buck teeth' prevented me from being myself, I was bullied and fought for my respect. I have a message because I know I am not along.   

This brand-wavy, crooked or straight, I AM ME® was created to show the world that their opinion of you doesn't matter. It shows that I care for what I stand for. It gives a voice when needed. This brand shows up right on time. Its giving simple and noticeable.

This registered brand isn't cheap, just affordable. Only $12.00 each THATS IT. THATS ALL!

No matter what the issue may be, we have a brand that "speaks without speaking" while defending who you are.​ 


Join this experience and Be you cause I AM ME®

You won't be disappointed!

I am somebody
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"speak without speaking"

friends wearing I AM ME Tz

"I made a brand, a brand that can show the world who you are. I did some slime, I apologized that's why I'm so far." -I AM ME®

We heard somebody 'has a problem' with who we are and who we chose too be. Oops! Too bad cause we all have choices, and the most important choice is 'living in your comfort.'

Everybody has something too say but couldn't survive a day in your shirt. It's time to frown on all the negativity and the eye-rolling. It's time to let I AM ME® Tz fight this battle for you.


Wearing the ME® brand gives you a special feeling that can't be taken away. WHY? because the brand "speaks without speaking" 

This registered brand was created for the intimidation of the discrimination while fighting for you. Everybody is somebody! whether you agree with it or not.

Join this experience and let's change the game and change some minds!

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